GTL: The Perfect Denim Jacket

Happy Hump Day! Today's post is another reader request (this one's for you Lauren) about finding the perfect denim jacket.  As we move into cooler temperatures layers start to become verrrry important. Nothing is more classic and stylish than a good jean jacket and finding the perfect one can make you want to jump for joy!

Sorry Kali, I couldn't resist!! 

Now, back to the serious business - let's break down how to "Get the Look" of the perfect denim jacket for fall. As you can see, each of us ladies has a soft spot for a good denim jacket.

Lt to Rt: Sarah and her too cute maternity bump// Kali reppin' Good Stuff Consignment // Diana in her H&M find 

So, what makes the perfect denim jacket?

The Fit

A stylish denim jacket should fit you like a glove.  A slightly cropped and well fitted jacket is flattering on most. Buy a jacket that fits your shoulders perfectly and make sure you are able to roll up the sleeves.  Denim jackets look great worn open to showcase the tops and statement jewellery you pair it with.  

Images: Lt // Rt

The Denim

Washed, distressed, dark- there are almost as many denim choices for jackets as there are for pants! A slightly lighter and distressed jacked is classic and works with almost any outfit. Colored or white denim is a fun way to make a statement and great for summer but not as classic and long wearing as it's true blue counterparts. 

Images: Lt // Ctr // Rt

How To Style

Have fun and get creative with your styling.  As we head into cooler months denim jackets are great for layering.  Pair denim jackets with black bottoms for simple, classic looks or have some fun with patterned or heavily textured pants and skirts to amp up the style factor.  

Images: Top: Lt // Ctr // Rt, Bottom: Lt // Ctr// Rt

How do you wear your denim jackets? Here's a few of our favourites as we head into fall.