All Gold Everything

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There are literally a million and one things that I'm in love with right now, and they all happen to be gold. I've noticed that every time I pick a decor piece, swoon over stationary, buy new jewellery, or am attracted to anything in particular, it just so happens to be gold. Anyone with me?! I thought so! 

We're lucky that gold is huge right now and likely isn't going anywhere fast. How could it? In my opinion, while each metal will have it's heyday (you'd only have found me wearing silver jewellery just a few short years ago), something as classic as gold can never really go out of style. I'm all for mixing metals to take advantage of all that glitters, but there's something about the warmth and fabulousness of gold that keeps me coming back every time. 

I've narrowed down just a small (wink wink) collection of my faves below - housewares, jewellery, accessories, and beauty-related, of course. Check them out and let me know if there's anything I need to add to my list of must-haves! 


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