Month In Review: September

Can you believe that September is over already? We had another fun-filled month that kicked off with a night of hysterical laughing and nonstop chatting when Diana and Kali took Sarah out for her birthday dinner - this is what we're all about! 

In keeping with our love for girls hangouts, we decided to get together for a casual games day and enjoy some tasty treats, sips, and a game or two. Uno, anyone? Or Mad Gab? We had forgotten how much fun it is to bust out old classics but literally spent the afternoon just catching up, playing games, and adding to one of our addictions: our Pinterest board (If you're on Pinterest, check us out! We have far too many pretty pins to not share with you lovelies).

Next, we were SO thrilled to be featured in the Viking Weekly Review newspaper! It's a great article about how we got started, where we plan to take this little blogging addiction of ours, and a little bit of what we’re all about. Kali grew up in Viking, so this was a bit of love from her hometown!

As usual, we were busy making things pretty as well. You may have seen a few snaps of Sarah’s latest coastal-themed showhome on our Instagram. It was her last project before baby comes (4 more weeks - eek!).

And last but definitely not least, the three of us had a blast checking out Western Canadian Fashion Week! We took in the shows by Suka Designs, OppoSuit Menswear (check the wild patterns on the male models below), Solstice Ready To Wear, and LUXX Ready To Wear. As always, we had fun dressing up, meeting up with some of our fave local blogger ladies (we're with Kira from Northern Style Exposure and Lyndsey from Over My Styled Body in the image below - image via NSE), and taking in a night of fashion and fabulousness! 

We hope you had a great month welcoming the beautiful fall weather and are excited for what's to come - helloooo October!