GTL: Eclectic Living Room

Happy Hump-Day loves! It's Wednesday and for those of you new around here, that means it's GTL day (for, Get the Look)! Always scouring pinterest for fab inspirational images, I came across this living room and immediately fell in love.  While it's probably not a look I'd ever have in my own home, I love the eclectic mixes of art and materials, and the cozy but bright feel of the space.  So, if you like this look yourself, let's break it down and Get The Look!

Let's start with that amazing gallery wall.  The asymmetry of the look and mixing frame finishes along with the addition of an unexpected piece up the style points for this eclectic wall.  A wall like this is easy to put together with a collection of favourite images or prints, or I love places like etsy for finding great unique pieces for a seriously wow gallery wall. The fact that the gallery wall is mounted on a subtle and sophisticated white on white damask wallpaper is just one more reason I love it.  A statement wallpaper doesn't always have to be in your face to be beautiful and impactful, as this room shows us.  

eclectic gallery wall.jpg

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The pieces of furniture are simple, and that's what allows the accents to really pop.  A graphic flatwoven rug (yay Ikea!) adds texture and interest, grounding the space. The small square table is also Ikea and while the low hanging light  in the middle of the room isn't typically something I'd suggest, it certainly makes a statement and is so simple to to with a shade and cord kit (also - Ikea...seeing a theme?). 


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My favourite part of this room, even more than the gallery wall, has to be the textiles.  I just love the added interest and pattern from all of the toss cushions.  They cozy up the sofa (as talked about here), make the room feel warmer and more comfortable and they're super cute - which is always a must in a room! Pair those with a few accents like straw and textured baskets, warm metal accents and some flowers and this living room is complete! 

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