Beauty Review: Landeva Organics

You might remember the name Landeva from a little while back when I made their line one of my Park PicksLandeva Organics is a brand that is not only Canadian (woohoo) but based out of Calgary (yay Alberta)!  Something I've been working on is paying more attention to the ingredients in the skincare I use so I adore that Landeva is made with all organic ingredients.

Landeva Organics .JPG

So let's take a look at a few of their goods and get to the review, shall we? 

The first item I tried was the Nourishing Detox Facial Soap BarI've been using it for a few weeks now and love it - my skin is so clear, thanks to the activated charcoal and moroccan clay but this soap doesn't dry it out. I've never used a bar of soap for my face before so I was a little skeptical at the start but I'm now officially converted. This is a product I will definitely be using again.  

Next up was the Hair and Body OilThis is one multitasking beauty product friends.  It's a fantastic hair oil, works wonderfully as a massage oil and body moisturizer and also can be used as a facial cleansing oil.  Talk about getting your money's worth out of this one.  Plus, it smells amazing, which is always a good thing if you ask me!

The Argan Oil and Frankincense Serum is another heavy hitter in the moisturizing department. I love that this oil didn't leave any oily residue (a concern of mine before trying it), and I feel good about using this on my skin because it's made with 100% organic and natural argan oil, essential oil of frankincense, camellia seed oil and vitamin E.

I was really excited to try the Konjac sponge as I've seen a bit about these sponges online and in magazines and had been wanting to try one.  It's a great exfoliator and it's actually made from a natural food material than when used, removes dead skin cells and improves circulation - all good things when it comes to achieving healthy glowing skin!

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Lastly, they sent a small sample of the rose nourishing toner which smelled beautiful, and was very refreshing after cleansing with the detox soap bar.  

My verdict on Landeva? I love them.  Check them out here or on Etsy where you can purchase samples of their products to try too! The difference I have seen in my skin (and the compliments I've received) are proof enough that this stuff works. My favorite product of them all was definitely the soap detox bar and next time I order one of those I'll definitely be trying the activated charcoal detox clay mask.