Park Picks

Diana's Picks

1. Tiffany T Collection 

As you may have seen on IG, we enjoyed a true Breakfast at Tiffany's last weekend and, it was pretty much magical.  We'll have more to share with you soon about that special day but my favourite pieces we tried on were by far the pieces from the Tiffany T collection. These sweet dainty necklaces were BEYOND gorgeous. I fell in love with the dainty necklace and bracelet I got to wear and loved the other pieces too! But seriously, how amazing are these?! 

2. Monsieur and Madame Gold Crown Glasses

You might remember these glasses when I posted this pic on IG.  I got these glasses for christmas and I just adore them.  They're short glasses which makes them perfect for my green juice, for little snacks or as cute parfait holders as seen on IG. While they're no longer available in store, they ARE still available online and with free shipping (on until today) - what are you waiting for?! Grab a set for yourself and get ready to feel fancy!

Sarah's Picks

1. Tiffany T Gold Square Bracelet

Ok, not to rain on Diana's parade but I couldn't not write about this little number. As you know, I'm all about the arm party and this bracelet instantly made me fall in love. It's simple but makes a big statement, and is so gorgeous that it can worn on it's own and look totally chic. 

2. Boxed Water

You saw that right, boxed water! Why not? In a time when we all reach for a quick and convenient way to hydrate, Boxed Water Is Better has created a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of hooking us up with the good stuff. Available in the US as well as select locations in Canada, you can also these stylish little boxes online. Drink up!

Kali's Picks

1. Spotify Radio

Are you guys on the spotify train yet?! Choo Choo! I have always loved me some songza, but add in the option to make your own playlists too and this music app has taken over my life. With the upgrade you can download your own and other's playlists which kicks some serious ass for listening in the car or outside for a run.

2. Bauble Bar Pearl Hardware Ear Jackets

How cute are these little pearls with the updated jacket style and seriously cool gold hardware? I've never considered myself much of a "pearl girl" but these could potentially be put into the ear wear mix.