Breakfast at Tiffany's

Happy Saturday loves! We were just SO excited to share our experience at Tiffany & Co. last weekend that we wanted to share a few pics before our Valentine's inspired Tiffany & Co. post coming soon!

As you probably saw on IG, we had just about the BEST. DAY. EVER. when we literally had breakfast at Tiffany's in WEM. We're talking mimosas with Veuve, Croissants, Cookies and the best damn coffee any of us have ever had.  We're convinced half of why it was so good is because it was served in a Tiffany & Co. cup!! #fancy

After a tour of the store, we were ushered into the salon where the real fun began.  How often do you get to go into Tiffany & Co. and exclaim "I want to try on your biggest diamonds!" - never? I thought so.  Until last weekend, when it happened. Somebody pinch me!

While we've got to save some things for a little bit later let's just say, us ladies had a blast being draped in diamonds and other delights!

For now, enjoy this little peek into our best day ever and stay tuned for more to come!

With a set up like this, you best believe we took a ridic amount of photos - here's Kali gettin' nice and close for the perfect shot. Hellooooo little blue boxes!

LT: We may or may not have gone a little crazy trying on GORGEOUS diamond engagement rings (WAY too much fun! I may or may not have felt like J. Lo...) RT: What, your arm party doesn't always involve gorgeous rose gold and may-jah diamonds?! Don't worry, mine doesn't either - except for the few minutes I rocked this stackin' party (Bracelet 1 // 2 // 3 )

Above: Look closely, we're rockin' some serious bling here - like, rapper level bling...LT to RT on Kali // Diana // Sarah //

Lt: we died over this beautiful gallery wall - and the wall color is the perfect shade of robin's egg blue.  Rt: We said there was no such thing as too many Tiffany's boxes, until they started to fall over

#TeamTiffany: Lt to Rt: Laura - our fabulous hostess and provider of all things champagne, chocolate and diamond (AKA we LOVE her!), Sarah, Diana, Kali (you know us as the "Ladies of 204 Park") and Xanthinna, our other Tiffany & Co. host and provider of gold, diamond and other pretty delights (we LOVE her too!)