Glow For The Holidays

The holiday season is full of temptations. It seems no matter where you turn at home, work and out at social engagements there's so much food and alcohol to excess it can be difficult to stay on track with a healthy plan over the holidays. This year in particular I'm trying to be more conscious and make healthier choices. Thanks to SPUD I already incorporate Glow Juices into my regular routine and especially over the holidays when stress is high, schedules are packed and the diet isn't always the best, getting in those nutrients has never been so important. 

When Kristina and I rented out the Project Loft to shoot a some fun holiday content we were on the go for hours and none of us had even eaten breakfast (oops!). So by the time it was nearly noon we were so happy to get a few Glow Juices to boost our energy. 

That being said, there's no harm in finding a healthy balance between "my body is a temple" and "treat yo self" so we also indulged in a few Jacek Chocolates from their Marie Antoinette collection. It was hard to resist these delights for long enough to take photos but the wait was worth it. Paired with Glow's take on egg nog, the "noel nog", it was pretty much the perfect holiday combination!

So this year over the holidays maybe swap out your baileys and coffee for a glow juice, or at least make sure you're getting in those vitamins and nutrients before indulging in the sweet stuff because ya know, it's all about balance!

PS While we're in the holiday mood, head over to Kristina's blog, Inspired by Lynne to see what she's up to today! And, to try some glow for yourself, make sure to enter both my giveaway with SPUD AND my "Healthy for the Holidays" giveaway with Glow, Elevate Activewear and Fitset below! 

Photos by Breanne Marie Photography and James