Weekend Rituals

Between working full time, blogging enough to almost constitute as another full time job and taking on freelance writing and social media gigs, it's safe to say my schedule is pretty jam packed. That doesn't even account for time spent with friends, family or you know, just having a bit of time to relax. (Relax, what's that?! jk)

Because my life is pretty scheduled to the max right now, James and I sometimes have to schedule our time together when it comes to the weekends. I'm fortunate that James is incredibly hands on when it comes to the blog. He takes most of my photos and even helps edit them sometimes. He helps with site design stuff and big things like SEO on the back end of the blog so we do spend quite a bit of time together but for a lot of it we're "working".

To try to get as much done blog wise as we can we'll usually rotate "working" weekends with one weekend on and one weekend off so that we're not always "working".  On this particular "working day" of the weekend two weeks ago (when there was no snow!) we made a trip to Cafe Bicyclette to indulge in a chocolate croissant and take advantage of the pretty space and great areas to take photos around. A few outfit changes in the car meant that we could snap a few posts worth of photos before heading home to take interior photos. A full day of pictures later I've got enough content that I can work away on over the week that most of the time, we can take Sunday as our non working day. Brunch, errands and time with friends take up our sunday. For our "day off" this past weekend, we spent some time skating downtown and taking in brunch and the farmers market with friends. Gotta love the weekend! What are some of your guys' weekend rituals?