Graham and Brown, Year in Review

This past year I've had the absolute pleasure of being a Graham and Brown brand ambassador. As an interior designer obviously I jumped at the chance to work with a fabulous wallpaper company such as G&B and I've loved putting together fun décor plans and highlighting some of my favorite patterns from their selection

For my last post for Graham and Brown I was asked to think of how my design styles have changed over the past year and a few of my design plans for the future. I can tell you that over the past year I've definitely noticed a shift in my design preferences. I still love glam, gold and girly but I've definitely taken a step into a more minimalist and eclectic direction. Glitter and gold has been replaced with brass and simpler accessories. I am drawn to white rooms with eclectic furnishings and pieces that tell a story. This year ahead should be an exciting one for design for me and I'm looking forward to being able to decorate in a new style. 

Neutrals like these beauties are now totally up my alley. I adore the simple textural papers or grey graphic ones such as these Graham and Brown wallpapers. Greys, whites and neutrals, paired with furniture with clean lines and pops of texture and colour through accents are now the majority of what fills my Pinterest boards.  What about you, how has your design style changed over the year? Happy decorating!