A Tiffany Valentine

Sooo, you all know about the amazing, glamorous time that we had at Tiffany a few weeks back... but, we’ve been holding out on you!

We have a few snaps that we’ve been holding on to for just this moment: the week before Valentine’s Day! Today I'm sharing them and hoping to give you ideas for the big day (or any day of the year for that matter). Feel free to leave this page open if you need a certain someone to see it. Ha!

Of course, we ladies wanted to see everything and anything gift-worthy, sparkly, and engagement-worthy (‘tis the season!). You better believe that our lovely hosts, Laura and Xanthinna showed us a whole lot of fabulousness! I can't make you wait any longer - let’s start with the earrings:

We loooved these babies. Diana tried on all-out glam chandeliers, Kali got to wear the oh-so-chic studs, and I got to style some pretty, romantic pearls (top pic). Ooh, la la! 


Next, the Tiffany T Collection. We've already touched on it here, but I had to mention these again. We tried the square bracelet, wire bracelet, and wire ring, and I literally fell in love with this big gold bangle (below, right). The girls loved rocking their diamond-studded pieces too! These are perfect for the chic, modern girl who wants her bling to carry her from day to night. 

Now ladies and gents, prepare yourselves for the serious bling: engagement rings! We tried some seriously gorgeous sparklers that gave our left arms a workout and pretty much left us speechless. For starters, Kali's ring combo (1, 2) had us swooning:

Next, Diana had to sample some yellow diamonds (above, left). Why not have a little fun?! These stand out and are definitely for the uber feminine girl who likes to make a statement.

My set of rings (above, right) (1, 2)was different and while still not for the faint of heart, they were understated in a totally glamorous kind of way. These would be prefect for a super stylish, modern lady who loves bling but doesn't necessarily want all the frills. 

And then there was this bad boy below. Wow! 

Needless to say, we had an amazing time at Tiffany and hope that our fun little day helps to put you in the Valentine's sprit. Or even better, maybe it will inspire you or your loved ones to surprise one another with some of the glittery goodness above! If so, woo hoo! 

Thanks again, Tiffany!