Conversation Hearts Coasters DIY

With Valentine's and Galentine's day right around the corner, I've got a sweet and simple DIY that would make a cute gift for someone special (be it your bf/gf, friend, sister, mother- whoever!) that can be personalized and is not only fast, but so simple! How great is that?!

What you'll need: Set of cork coasters (mine are from Ikea) // Paper // Pencil // Scissors // Paint (Michaels)// Paintbrush // Red Sharpie


Step 1: Create a heart template by folding a piece of paper in half, drawing half of a heart and cutting around the outline.  You can also use any heart shaped outline you might already have such as a cookie cutter

Step 2: Trace your heart shape onto the coasters with a pencil


Step 3: Paint the hearts in with your chosen candy heart colors and let dry

If you don't have quite the colors you want for this DIY, see if you can mix colors together to get the look.  I mixed a yellow ivory with a bright yellow for soft yellow, added white to my blue to make it softer and added white and yellow to the earthy green paint I had to brighten it up!


Step 4: Choose your candy heart sayings and write on the painted heart with the red sharpie and you're done!

Optional: Cut out the heart shape so you have heart shaped coasters

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