When I Win The Lottery: Beach House Inspirations

Hey dolls! As you guys know, I just got back from Hawaii and living the good life. As good as it always is to come home at the end of a trip, I really would be able to make use of a sweet oceanfront pad 365 days a year. NBD.

My travels inspired me to plan my perfect dream beach house, and I had to share some of my fave ideas with you guys. There are coastal homes, and then there are these bad boys. Have a peek at what my dream come true house would look like: modern, fresh, and completely fabulous. 

Clean lines, tons of windows, and balconies galore. I love a fresh white exterior, but there's something about this natural wood siding that looks perfectly beachy too. 

A beach house requirement is to bring the outside in, and vice versa. I would want to spend as much time as possible soaking up the sun, and something tells me that moveable walls and comfortable outdoor furniture would do the trick. Who else would like to lounge on one of those insane pink poufs? Sign me up! 

As much time as I love to spend outdoors, if you're doing a beach house right, the inside needs to match the fabulousness outside. Neutral tones and natural textures mimic the landscape and allow the view (because obviously there would be a view in this beach house) to shine. Concrete adds texture and a modern touch and is warmed up with woods and cozy looking furniture. Also, can we talk about those butterflies in the top pic? I die. 

Generally speaking, I spend as little time primping as possible when I'm oceanside. Sunscreen and wet hair are my usual MO, but I think I could spend a little extra time soaking in this tub! Or those outdoor showers? And that feature wall? Amazing! 

So there it is- my dream beachhouse wishlist. Are you guys with me? Bring on the Mai Tai's!