Wynter* Designed

I've been eagerly waiting the past few weeks to share these photos with you - I swear they weren't taken in the middle of December. We happened to get this gorgeous dusting of snow a few Saturday's back and although i'm thrilled spring is starting to arrive, there is something so rejuvenating about a crisp white snow storm. Oh, and I also moved this day; great for photos; not so great for the movers. 

How much do you love this Wynter* Designed Toque?? I've worn it with my dressy black wool coat and dressed down like this with my denim jacket. Not only are these hella cute BUT you're also supporting our local talent. For those of you in or outside of Edmonton get yours HERE. I love the oatmeal for my "I can't decide what colour I am" hair. I love the black or charcoal for all my blondie friends out there.

Use promo code WYNTER204 for 25% off of your purchase!

My staple denim jacket is good old Levis that I picked up at Simon's, necklace is Stella & Dot, sequin pants c/o Obviously Chic Boutique (order a size up in these) finished off with my CDG x Converse sneaks.