Summa Summa Time

Hey guys! So, I'm counting down the days... 4 more until Hawaii, baby! 

I've barely had a second to get myself organized, because let's be real- Alice is totally my priority, and buying stuff for her is so freaking fun. I mean, baby bikinis. The best!! That being said, it's time I planned my essentials for this trip, especially because they'll become staples in the coming months now that we're on the tail end of winter. Hooray! 

So today, I've narrowed down some of the most important things for summertime fabulousness. Get em while they're hot! 

1. A flowy dress is a must have for summer - day or night. 

2. These bags! So fun, colourful, and cute. Love. 

3. I'm a sucker for Butter London.

4. Roxy makes the best beach bags. They're my go-to's. 

5. You must have heard of Triangl bikinis by now! Such fun colours, and I love this combo. 

6. Look no further than Joe Fresh for easy summer kicks. Beach approved!

7. I live for St. Tropez during the summer. Tanning is not in my genes but I've got 'em tricked. 

8. And for those last minute illuminating needs, swipe on a little of this facial balm goodness! 

9. Gold. Beach. Tan. Need I say more? 

10. I just bought these. I've only been coveting them for 2 years!  #tookmelongenough