Winter Whites

The first day of spring brought with it... a giant dumping of snow.

This pretty much left us with no other option but to roll with it because- welp- we live in Edmonton. Wanna know how I make a snowy spring day better? Two words: 

Feather skirt!

Pretty much turned my frown upside down! Of course, I also needed my cozy Zara sweater, my go-to booties, and my trusty, cherished Chanel purse. I accessorized with a Stella & Dot necklace worn as a bracelet and my fave sunnies. I preeeetty much feel like I kicked the snow in the butt. Thankfully warmer weather is on it's way and I'm seriously hoping that you're not going to have to look at more snowy pictures on 204 Park until, oh, November? Fingers crossed!

All images by the lovely Paula Scherr Photography. Thanks, Paula!

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