Park Picks 04.17.15

Sarah's Picks

1. Tea Forte

I admittedly became a coffee addict as soon as Alice was born. I used to drink tea like crazy, and now I've found a delish way to get back in to it: Cucumber Mint Green Tea. For the last few days, I've been making a huge pitcher of it and chilling it for refreshing iced tea. It's hydrating, full of antioxidants, and so much more exciting than a glass of plain water. 

2. The Real Meaning Behind Your Fave Emojis

I thought that most emojis were pretty self explanatory, but I've learned that I was pretty wrong about quite a few. You need to check this list for a good laugh, if nothing else. You might be surprised to see what 'a face with a look of triumph' really looks like - what?!?!

Diana's Picks

1. Julep Myriam Polish

Helloooooooooo summer! This pretty polish is officially my new go-to color and will likely be on the tips of my fingers and on my toes for most of the warmer months ahead. This bright red has just the right amount of orange to make it feel fresher than a richer and darker winter red. Julep does it again with this one!

2. Berg and Betts Watches

You've already seen us rock our watches from Edmonton company Berg and Betts (Myself, Sarah & Kali) and it's for a good reason. These ladies not only design gorgeous classic watches but they're made from scrap leather pieces that would otherwise be wasted.  They're definitely worth checking out and until the end of April you can save $15 on a watch with code 204PARK!

Kali's Picks 

1. Jillian Harris White Kitchen Love

As a kitchen designer when people ask me what I would choose for myself and the answer is always "WHITE!". Call me boring all you want but this finish is classic, crisp, and visually adds space to any room. Check out Jilly's post for more inspo!

2. Top Shop Scalloped Hem Mini Skirt

I love the uber feminine hemline of the crisp, white number. Again, I have a thing for this non-colour. Perfectly paired with a chambray top and sneaks for a casual girls brunch this is a classic summer addition to any wardrobe.