Paint Nite Edmonton

If you're like me you've probably seen a few of your friends attending Paint Nites over the years; of course my interest was piqued. Yes as my day job I work in design however by no means am I an artist, my computer does my drawings for me. With that being said my girlfriends and I chose an "easy" level class, just a blue sky and some birch trees. 

To get our creative juices flowing, the girls and I ordered a bottle of red, some appies, and got painting! If this was me making my own art, I would have wanted to stop around the time of the blue ombre. It looks more like when you go into an art gallery and see an outrageously expensive piece and think "I could make that myself", yeah that thought goes away as soon as I started the trees. Clearly every class I ever took on perspective didn't stick  because this proved to be kinda difficult.

Not Perfect, but not bad for two hours of painting. Overall the experience was fairly relaxing and enjoyable (the wine helped) until it came to drawing the bark on the trees, that got a little tedious. Would I attend paint nite again? Maybe. Would I buy a canvas and go buck on the patio with some paint, sangria and friends? Hundy P.