Pets of 204 Park

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about the little fluffs that you see on our instagram feed from time to time – the resident ‘Pets of 204 Park’!

These little creatures are so much a part of our lives that we thought we’d partner with Fancy Feast to show ‘em off a bit and give you lovelies an inside look at how our pets really do rule our roosts and a little bit of what we do to "WOW" our pets and spoil them! If you have little fur babies of your own at home, we think you’ll understand.

Sarah’s Cats: Oscar and Olive (aka: The O’s):


The background – He thinks he's pretty special because he's a purebred Birman. We don't tell him that pedigree doesn't really matter in our house and that our SPCA kitty, Olive, is just as important as he is. Either way, he thinks that all of the fancy things that we do for him are because he's some kind of royalty. Ha ha! 

Nickname – Osc.

Favourite Pastimes – Warming our laps and taking cat naps. Speaking of 'wowing', he definitely prefers a fluffy blankets and sunbeams. This kitty likes his luxury! 

Fave "WOW" Spa Treatment – He gets the ‘Lion’ haircut a few times a year to keep his long and thick coat under control. It also makes him look like he's wearing furry boots!

Fave Food – Fancy Feast Broths with Chicken. Because he’s so fancy! You should see him with them, he's completely obsessed.

Fave Toy – My hair elastics. I have no idea how he finds them, but he steals them on a daily basis!



The background – She’s an SPCA cat, and is the cuddliest and most loving cat ever. She’s also a bit tough because she came from the streets. Lol.

Primary Nickname – Chubby. No explanation needed. 

Favourite Pastimes – Eating Fancy Feast Broths with Chicken- she likes to think that she’s fancy too. You'll see her absolutely devouring her favourite food in the photos above. It's the best part of her day, so I try to keep the cats' food and water area looking cute! #yogakitty

Fave "WOW" Spa Treatment – Being groomed by Oscar. She's the cat boss, so she doesn't have to return the favour! 

Fave Food – See above. She really does like anything and everything, but the day that we introduced her to the Fancy Feast Broths with Chicken was basically one of the happiest ones of her life. Ha ha!

Fave Toy – If there’s cardboard around, she’ll rip off a small piece and chase it around the house. If not, she’ll settle for Oscar’s (I mean MY) hair elastics.

These two are a prime example of opposites attracting. They have their lovers’ quarrels but at the end of the day, they love spending time together and can usually be found in the same sunbeam. Life wouldn't be the same without them!

Now it's time to meet Diana's little boo...


The Background- I got Herman almost 5 years ago and we've been inseparable ever since. He's definitely my "baby"/little fur bestie and I'm pretty sure we're soul mates! LOL

Primary Nickname- Oh gosh, Herman is a dog with many nicknames. His primary nickname would be Hermie-Boo-Boo but he also goes by "Hermie-Boo-Boo-Child" or "Boo-Child" for short as well as "Herm" or "the worm" and a whole myriad of other nicknames that just get weirder and weirder. Don't judge- I'm a lady who likes my nicknames! Ha!

Favorite Pastimes- Napping and bird watching. Our condo has large wall to wall and almost floor to ceiling windows and if Herman isn't napping in the sunshine, he's on bird alert, fiercely "protecting" James and I from the birds outside the window. Maybe he thinks he's a cat?! Does anyone else have a dog who does this?

Fave Spa Treatment - Herman loves getting little "massages" from us - he's one spoiled little pup!

Fave Food- Herman loves carrots. Just say the word carrot and he goes crazy! 

Fave Toy- He has a little green frog that his "grandma" got him two Christmases ago and they're seriously besties. Herman takes him with him when he eats, sleeps, plays and everything in between. Where Herman is, you will likely see his frog as well. He also has a ton of little "friends" that he seems to go through phases with. Along with frog, he love his little lion right now (pictured below).

Basically, Herman runs the show in our house. He's one very loved little pup and is definitely my little "baby" for now and he certainly gets treated that way! 

So there you have it, a little background on our "fur babies", the pets of 204 Park!

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