Easy Floral Crown DIY

Have you ever looked at photos of gorgeous floral crowns and thought "I wish I could do that"? Well friends, even if you're not a DIY pro, I found the simplest floral crown ever. I mean it! Oh Dina flower crown kits are the cutest and easiest answer to your summer boho princess dreams. 

floral crown
floral crown diy

There are a ton of kits to choose from whether you want to keep it simple (like I did) or go full flower crazy. While I consider myself to be a semi-avid DIY-er I've never used a DIY kit so I was anxious to try this one. Sometimes a DIY comes along and you think "I'd like to try that" but then once you start adding up all of the supplies you'd need to get, it becomes a bit daunting or unrealistic to buy a whole roll of something you only want to use a little of. That's when a DIY kit like this is perfect!

oh dina floral crown

The kit came with all the materials and instructions needed to create your own boho goddess crown. I didn't use any other materials other than what came in the kit (not even glue!) so seriously guys, this is SO easy! The flowers come on wires that you can loop around to secure to the crown base and I used them to secure the greenery as well. Since I had pink hair that weekend I figured I'd stick with a pink and white crown but you could easily swap out flowers or I'm thinking I'll use the blue flowers and wire them to bobby pins similar to my pearl bobby pins from a while back. 

flower crown diy

Overall I was really happy with the Oh Dina kit. I like that you can choose different styles and this sweet and simple look was perfect for me. Plus with my pink hair I pretty much felt like a princess! I think this kit would be way too cute as a fun gift or as an activity at a bridal or baby shower or even a birthday party. Summer floral crowns for all! Happy DIY-ing!

summer flower crown
flower crown diy