Summertime Sippin': Watermelon Mint Freshie

So, what's a freshie you ask? Well, this drink isn't a slushy, it's not a smoothie but it's very refreshing and delicious; pretty much the perfect drink on a hot day so a freshie it is! haha

In the summer I practically live off of watermelon and the mini size is perfect for James and I so when I received my first watermelon of the season from SPUD I wanted to try something a little different with it. I scooped out half of my watermelon and froze it overnight. The next day I blended with a few mint leaves and the juice of half a lime and I had the tastiest, most refreshing watermelon "freshie"!

How simple and easy is that? So simple and easy I feel like I'm kind of cheating here but I promise you this is SO good! Plus, I think next time I might add a splash of vokda ;) Helloooo new summer cocktail!

watermelon drink recipe
summer watermelon drink recipe
healthy watermelon drink

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