Betty Draper

Are there any other Mad Men fans on here today? James and I went through a serious Mad Men binge on Netflix and next to the Sopranos, it's probably one of the best shows I've ever watched in terms of characters and their development. Over the seasons you really got to see the subtleties in each character as they grew with the show and Betty Draper was no exception. While I often times felt frustrated with her choices and behaviour on the show you can't deny that girl had style. 

So when I tried on this gorgeous tulle skirt and sweet pearl earrings from The Shopping Bag I knew that for this post I needed to channel my inner Betty Draper. I felt totally girly and glam and sophisticated and loved it! Nothing makes you feel more feminine than a tulle skirt and pearls and I just loved this pretty pink look. I may have been on the receiving end of a few funny looks twirling in the middle of the street in a tulle skirt on a Saturday afternoon but I'll tell ya, it was totally worth it!

betty draper style
cedar street maise red
pearl earrings
kate spade cedar street maise
pink tulle skirt
tulle midi skirt
tulle skirt