Park Picks 05.15.15

Diana's Picks

1. Modalu Erin Mini Tote

As a girl who loves a good handbag I'm loving the Modalu Erin Mini Tote right now. I picked up my first Modalu a few years ago on a trip to London and I still rock it all the time (in fact you've seen it here and here). As spring is in full swing I've been on the lookout for a light grey bag and as soon as this one crossed my eye I fell in love! From the simple design and structured details I'm crushing hard on this bag! 

2. 15 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

When it comes to playing around with different hair styles I am SO not a pro. Anything involving braiding or more than 4 bobby pins starts to get disastrous for me. I've tried a few tutorials before but they always turn out like a Pinterest FAIL however after seeing this roundup of cute hairstyles I'm inspired to try again! I'm loving the cute braided styles so this long weekend, I'll be giving some of these tutorials a try- wish me luck!

Sarah's PIcks

2. Father's Day Gifts

Ok, we had Mother's Day last weekend and it was full of pretty. Now it's time to recognize the Dads! This list by Domino Mag helps inspire ideas for those that are hardest to shop for: the men. Seriously- couldn't we all use a little help in this department? You can't go wrong with the whisky stones... and beard oil? Who knew?!? Thanks for keeping us ladies on our toes, Domino! 

1. Tocca Hand Cream

I received this delightful goodness as a Mother's Day gift last weekend and haven't been able to get enough of it. My hands are constantly parched and since I've been using it, I've definitely noticed an improvement. Not only that, but it smells fabulous too! And isn't that what we're all looking for? Such a great little uplift in my day. Loves it! 

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