Hair Love with Chatters and Kenneth Bernard

Anyone else love trying different beauty products like I do? I recently tested a ton of goodies from the Kenneth Bernard line from Chatters, and I've been dying to share the deets with you guys! 

First off, I love a good moisturizing shampoo. I try to keep my hair as healthy as possible, but in our dry climate, it can be tough at times. The Quench shampoo and conditioner totally impressed me when it made my hair feel soft and nourished, which can be challenging with my hair type. I tend to get flyaways if my hair is too dry, and thankfully there are none to be seen when I'm using this stuff!

Next up, the Vibe flat iron. My wavy hair did not see this coming! Vibrations in the flat iron cause the hair cuticle to lay flat, which makes it amazingly easy to straighten hair. It also seemed to cut my straightening time in half - no complaints! This thing is the beyond amazing. 

Ok, to be honest, I usually use dry shampoo more as a texturizer and volumizer than as a grease fighter, but tried the Dry Clean  dry shampoo anyway. One of my favourite things about this one is it's scent, but it also gave my hair a great volume boost without leaving it feeling powdery. 

The Pump Up blowdry Gel does exactly what it says. I used it with the Thicken shampoo and conditioner (see below) to amp up my fine strands and it totally did the job! This girl loves her volume and was so happy with the results of this stuff. It's also worth mentioning that my hair stayed soft and shiny. #sonecessary 

Lastly, I tried the Thicken shampoo and conditioner with the Pump Up gel (mentioned above). It gave me some good volume while still keeping my hair feeling soft and moisturized. A total win-win! Both are super important to me, so I was impressed. I'll definitely be keeping these stocked as some of my fave hair products!