Fashion Love List

Today I'm sharing a few of my current fashion faves. From a discount for a fab pop-up shop this weekend to a stain proof t-shirt, the best workout tank and more - read on for your fashion faves fix.

The Threadsmiths Stain-Proof Shirt

That's right, you read that correctly. This top might look like your basic tee but it's stain proof- holla! It comes in black and white and as you can see here - wine and coffee be damned so go on and be your sloppy self and spill all ova this bad boy, it'll be just fine! And if you're a bit of a klutz like I am, it's very comforting to know that one of your most worn wardrobe "basics" is safe from coffee, makeup and other blunder-caused stains, extending the life of this wardrobe must-have. 

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threadsmiths black tshirt fashion

Gwenyth Tank in Ballet Pink

I don't know about you but I'm always far more inclined to work out if I've got something cute to wear! This gwenyth tank has quickly become one of my favourite pieces of workout wear. I LOVE the length (you can adjust the ruching along the side so the tank can vary in length) and it's seriously so comfy. Plus, it's nice to know that if you have to run errands after a workout (like I was doing here) that you're not going to look like a slob grabbing a few groceries. Cute workout wear for the win! 

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Obviously Chic Pop-up Shop

Obviously chic, the too-cute online shop run by my girl Jess, is one of my favourite sites to go to when I'm looking for bright fun trendy pieces. From graphic tees like my tank below, maxi dresses, sequin leggings and more, if it's fun, flirty and fabulous- Jess has got it! While you normally have to shop online, Obviously Chic is having a pop up on Saturday June 20 in Edmonton at the Signature Sandman Hotel (10111 Ellerslie Road SW) from 10-5. Mention you saw this post on 204 Park or our IG and receive $10 OFF your purchase plus, the first people in line will receive a free gift! 

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Lava and Oil

I just had to tell you guys about Lava and Oil aromatherapy jewellery. Ashley, a reader of 204 Park (thanks girl!!) messaged us about her aromatherapy jewellery and I was instantly intrigued. I didn't even know aromatherapy jewellery was a thing but as I mentioned here, I've been getting into essential oils so I just had to give this a try. Because lava rock is porous, it absorbs essential oils and then slowly releases them throughout the day. One drop of essential oil is all you need! I've been wearing my necklace using my "stress relief" oil and I love it! (PS Maxi Dress below is from Obviously Chic Boutique!)

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