DIY Party: Makeshop Social

Today's post is all about confetti, DIYs, fun drinks, good food and supporting some seriously kickass women - what's not to love?! I want to tell you guys a little bit about Christine and Andrea and their new venture - Makeshop Social.  Makeshop Social is a new workshop that is aiming to give everyone (yes everyone - not just bloggers) an opportunity to have an amazing evening with fabulous friends, fun (and simple) DIYs and of course - confetti!!!

From L to R top: Kassey -  The Lovely Ordinary  // Holly -  In the Fun Lane  // Me! // Jenna -  Plum Home+ Design  // Erinn-  Shop the Skinny  // Stephanie -  All About Ami  // Justine -  Justine Ma Design  // Kelsy -  Twirls and Travels  // Amanda -  Natural Mommie  // Andrea -  Andrea Hanki Photography  // Christine -  Just Bella Blog  // Jenna -  Hobbs Photography  // Linda -  Linda Hoang

From L to R top: Kassey - The Lovely Ordinary // Holly - In the Fun Lane // Me! // Jenna - Plum Home+ Design // Erinn- Shop the Skinny // Stephanie - All About Ami // Justine - Justine Ma Design // Kelsy - Twirls and Travels // Amanda - Natural Mommie // Andrea - Andrea Hanki Photography // Christine - Just Bella Blog // Jenna - Hobbs Photography // Linda - Linda Hoang

Last week I attended a fun launch for Makeshop Social and let me tell you, I cannot get over how much I LOVE this idea! I love DIY projects but even I find that I don't always have the time, or all of the materials to make some of the projects I'd like to and I know I'm not alone. Sometimes, a DIY project can be intimidating if you aren't totally confident in your DIY abilities. This is when Makeshop Social is perfect! Whether you want to come alone or with just a few friends or book a full party for yourself, Christine and Andrea will provide the venue, decorations, food and drinks, materials and know how for a fun and simple DIY party night- not to mention, always a fun confetti photo!

makeshop social co

For this workshop we made the cutest wall hanging which I loved because I've been wanting to make one of these for so long but because I don't knit, the idea of having to buy a ton of yarn for just one project was a bit of a deterrent. I love the finished product and can't wait to use it in a little refresh of my bedroom décor that I'll be sure to share with you soon!

Aside from the food, drinks, fabulous decor and DIYs I think what I loved the most about this event was the connection with so many amazing women.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - and just excuse me while I get a little sappy here - but the best part for me since starting blogging has been the amazing sense of community with so many fabulous creatives and business women. The women (and men too) here in Edmonton are so supportive of one another and give so much to each other to support and encourage their success. Coming to events like these always gives me the warm and fuzzies especially since taking on 204 Park on my own over the past few months.  Depending on how long you've been following the blog you may or may not know that I started this blog with two of my besties Sarah and Kali. A few months ago I took on 204 Park 100% on my own so I no longer have the "security blanket" I used to have with the other girls. Since running with 204 Park on my own I've been so amazed at how wonderful everyone has been in reaching out with support and encouraging words and events like this just re-enforce why I love blogging!

So many women and businesses helped Christine and Andrea with this event and also generously donated food, décor, florals and gift items so I'll be listing them below as well as the fabulous ladies I had the pleasure of spending the evening with! Thanks again Christine and Andrea for inviting me, I know you ladies are going to kill it with Makeshop Social!

Gorgeous florals from Fabloomosity made the event feel so luxurious! Plus I won one of the arrangements to take home which totally made my day!

diy party
pretty table setting

Above- Kassey and Justine and I totally nailed the confetti toss! Below - Andrea, myself and Christine were all about the confetti toss! 

Our finished products! Such a fun craft night with such amazing women.

makeshop social gift bag.JPG

Goodie bag items: "You Got This" Notepad from Justine Ma Design,  Temporary Tattoos from I Love The Moon, But First Confetti Print from Uppercase Press, Pura Desire Mist from Pura Botanicals, Tote from Makeshop Social Co. and not pictured (because I totally ate it!)- confetti cookie from Confetti Sweets and gift tags from Carousel Paper Co.

PS - all photos except the last one are by Andrea Hanki!