Tips to Personalize Your Workspace

We spend a lot of time at work. Most people, myself included find themselves in an office from M-F and likely spend more time at work than they do at home! As an interior designer obviously my style at home is incredibly important so why should it be any different at the office? After all, no one wants to spend eight hours a day sat at a drab desk staring at a screen.  So, today I've got a few ideas to make your work space a little more personal and a little more fabulous!

Whether you sit at a small desk or have a ballin' office, there's always room for art. A few inexpensive frames or some washi tape are all you need to add a little flair to your space. They can be personal photos that show you having a good time with friends or family, cutesy art prints or a combo of both! I have a few art prints in my office, a couple of personal photos and a painting from a friend of mine that says "I will see your sarcasm and raise you some sass" to serve as a warning to all who enter! haha

All art prints from  Chapters Indigo

All art prints from Chapters Indigo

Next up is lighting. Some companies might be more strict than others depending on their business electricity rates but if you're working at a desk that's a little dark or find that you need some more ambient or task lighting then a cute desk lamp is always a great idea! These lamps are a few of my favorites. It's always a bonus when a functional piece is cute too! 

desk lamps

Adding some flair through color and accessories is another fun way to personalize your office space. In my own office I tried to pull some inspiration from my spring party with pink and floral accents because I'm girly like that, but what's great about small accessories is you can find them in whatever style suits you best. I actually brought a few of my Kate Spade Inspired planter DIYs to my office as well and have a few feminine accessories to spruce up the space a little bit. 

girly office
feminine office

Another small but effective change I make in my office is with my computer screen. There are so many fabulous desktop downloads that you can find one in almost any color and style you could possibly want! I know I find it much cheerier starting at a fun patterned screen all day rather than a *yawn* boring standard one. Plus this change is free which is even better! My favourite resource is Dress Your Tech from Design Love Fest, how cute are these?!

So there you go, whether you're all about big business or just trying to spruce up your desk or cubicle these are easy, simple and inexpensive ways to add a little flair to your 9-5!