Graham and Brown Wallpaper Week

Did you guys know that's it's wallpaper week? To celebrate, Graham and Brown asked me to choose one of their themes to write about the the theme I chose was Calm.

With how hectic my life has been lately I find myself drawn to calming colors, textures and spaces. I love gorgeous open spaces with white brick that are contemporary and simple. I also love spaces that are calm and soothing in tones of creams, whites and greys which I why I picked two airy and calming papers to focus on for this week.

Wallpaper 1: Nature Trail  Graham and Brown

 I just adore how soft and soothing this wallpaper is. White with delicate hues of grey, this paper would be beautiful in a pretty powder room paired with gold and charcoal accents. 

graham and brown nature trail wallpaper
Pretty Powder Room

Wallpaper 2: Brick Effect Wallpaper Graham and Brown

I love interiors with brick walls but if you're not lucky enough to have one, why not fake it!? I love this paintable wallpaper from Graham and Brown left in white so it looks like brick. Just look at these images for some serious design inspiration.

Which paper do you like best? How do you bring "calm" decor elements into your space? 

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