I've always loved when bloggers write a "lately" or "currently" type of post and although I've started a few drafts of these kinds of posts, I've never published one myself on this blog! So without further ado, here's my currently.....

edmonton blog

Driving to: Calgary!

As you're reading this I'll be headed to yyc to pick up my man whose permanent residency visa finally came through!! No direct flights to yeg and a lot of extra $$ to fly to Edmonton meant that I said I'd head to Calgary to pick James up, I don't mind a little road trip, especially when it's to get James after him being gone for over 2 months! Plus this means he'll be stuck in the car with me for 3 hrs so I can ramble away about everything he's missed over the past few months. 

Reading: Domino Mag

I've got 3 books on the go currently but with how hectic September has been I've fallen majorly behind on my reading. That being said when I was on my way back from blogpodium I picked up this month's issue of Domino because a) it's Domino and b) MINDY KALING! I have such a girl crush on Mindy and now I'm obsessed with her office too which is featured in the mag. I might be behind on my books but magazines are always great for a quick read and major inspiration, when it comes to Mindy's office let's just say hellooooo color! 

domino magazine mindy kaling

Working on: This blog. Changes. Behind the scenes.

You may have noticed the past month or so my posting hasn't been quite as consistent as usual. Truth: I've been struggling to keep up with James away (he helps big time in the blog department) and with taking on extra work outside the blog finding my balance has been a struggle so I've allowed myself September/October to step back a bit so that I can come at you full force in November which happens to be 204 Park's 2 year marker! Where does the time go?! But seriously...

Lipstick  //  Necklace  //  Watch  // Notebook from  Minted  - Blogpodium

Lipstick // Necklace // Watch // Notebook from Minted - Blogpodium

Wearing: This sweater

Non-freaking stop. As soon as fall hits I become all about the cozy knits and I feel like this sweater was made for me. Prepare yourself in advance to be seeing a lot of this cozy number. #sorrynotsorry

gentle fawn cardigan

Loving: Adult Coloring Books

My girl Kaylee got me hooked on this trendy pastime a few months ago and I'm obsessed. As you can see I'm now the owner of 3, count em, 3 adult coloring books and I'm sure that's jut the beginning. At the end of a long day I'm loving taking half an hour to sit back and relax with a cup of tea (or glass of wine!) and just zone out and be creative for a bit. It's the perfect stress relief if you ask me.

adult coloring books

So there you go, just a little bit of what I'm currently loving, doing, reading, wearing and more! What are some of your "currently's"?