Design Crush: Beautiful Brick

Over the past few months I've noticed a shift in my design preferences. As a true girly girl I'm naturally drawn to pastels, gold and interiors with a feminine appeal but lately my style seems to be moving in a warmer and more eclectic direction. As a designer if can be hard to narrow down your own design style because if you're like me, you love them all! I'll blame this project but more and more I find myself drawn to spaces with luxe patterned rugs, varying wood tones and rich textures over rooms with pops of gold and bling. I've always loved exposed brick but instead of favoring a feminine approach I'm now all about a cozy eclectic space that's a little less "glam girl" and a little more "well travelled".

Who am I?!

It's interesting how my design preferences have changed over the years from my first true love of modern minimalism, moving into bright and bold for my first home, to soft and feminine in my current condo and now if I could do it again, my space would look totally different! One thing that has remained the same is my love for exposed brick. Between visiting the Project Loft in Edmonton for the Makeshop Social workshop and my trip to Old Faithful in Vancouver with my #yegblogpodiumsquad girls, I've had a few reminders lately just how much adore exposed brick. Those spaces reinforced my love for bright open rooms with one thing in common: beautiful brick. Cue me now dreaming of living in a loft.