Get the Look: Nina Dobrev's Dining Nook

The other day I was doing my usual Pinterest perusing and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this photo below. I immediately pinned and as I continued to scroll I saw more and more of these images that absolutely made me swoon! I had to find out whose home this was because it is stunning! 

If I'm being honest I've never watched the Vampire Diaries so I can't say that I'm a big fan of Nina Dobrev but I can say I am ob-sessed with her home! One room that especially caught my eye was her charming dining nook. Sometimes as an interior designer you'll see a space and go wow, that looks freaking incredible- and it's a combination I NEVER would have thought of! 

I don't think I'd have ever thought to pair these chairs with this table but the result is gorgeous. So I thought this space would be a perfect inspiration for a "Get The Look" post (it's been a while since I've done one of these!). So without further ado - here's my Get the Look of Nina Dobrev's feminine dining nook!

nina dobrev home tour

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Part of what makes this design so perfect is the unexpected combination of feminine pieces with the more masculine ones. The dark table grounds the space and is a strong contrast against the light tile, kitchen and paint. To keep the black from looking out of place the small splash of black in the toss cushions and the light fixture is incredibly important to the overall aesthetic. I love the worn in dining chairs as well as a more industrial feel in what is otherwise, a very light and feminine space. I have a major design crush on dining nooks with built in benches and this one is no different. A soft patterned fabric is highlighted with bolder toss cushions that add both style and comfort. Lastly, a few simple accents and flowers to tie in the color scheme finish off the room beautifully. When can I move in Nina?! ;)

nina dobrev's home

Cushions: TopMiddleBottom // Dining Table // Chair // Fabric (for bench seating) // Bowl // Gold Polka Dot Vase // Pendant Light // Image of flower