Design A Better Home For 2016

They say home is where the heart is so obviously, the hope is that you love your home! All of us have updates and changes we'd like to make to our space and it's very easy to keep putting off those nagging tasks around the house that end up never getting done (or take years to do)! As we're almost a month into 2016, now might be a good time to start planning for some of those changes to actually happen!  Here's a few suggestions to help you find motivation or inspiration to develop a better home this year. Time to make it happen!

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Hardwood Flooring

Been you been putting off swapping out your old linoleum or worn carpet for a value increasing upgrade? Hardwood floors are classic, come in a ton of textures and finishes and add value to your home. Nothing makes as drastic a change to the look of your home as new hardwood. So, what are you waiting for? It's a bit of an investment but one that will be well worth it. 

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Update your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of almost any home so it's an area that deserves some design attention. It's amazing what a kitchen upgrade can do for a home. Whether you go for a full out renovation or focus on a smaller improvement such as new backsplash or countertops or paitning/re-facing your cabinets, it's one I highly recommend to make your kitchen stand out. Maybe a new kitchen can even help motivate for more cooking at home ;) 

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Invest in New Furniture

A new piece of furniture can go a long way in changing the feel of a room. If your sofa is looking worn and tired, maybe it's time to invest in a newer piece. Maybe you've got an awkward open space that's been needing a cabinet or chair to fill it for a long time but you just haven't taken the time to find that perfect piece. Furniture is a great way to express your personal  style- decorating should be fun! So go out there, get inspired and finish off that room in your house that needs a little attention, you'll feel much better for it!

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Prepare for The Cold 

I know we're still getting through this winter and maybe you've realized a few areas in your home that need some attention since the temperature has dropped. Caulking holes or repaired broken seals, making sure your windows are up to snuff or adding shutters or blinds and doing maintenance on your fireplace are just a few ways you can prepare for winter and make sure your home will be up to snuff when it comes to dealing with the cold. 

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Start a Garden

We're not quite into spring yet but now is the time to start giving some thought to your yard and garden. Do some planning on how you'll do some touching up in your yard this year. Whether that means growing a little plant or flower garden, adding some landscaping features or installing a sprinkler system so your grass is always green, getting ahead of these plans will make them easier to put into action once the snow thaws.


Build a Garage

If you've purchased a newer home there's a good chance you might not have a garage built yet. Build a garage to increase your property value, add convenience to your life as well as storage! It's a bit of work in the short term but the convenience will pay off for years and with spring around the corner, now is the time to start planning your garage build!



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