6 Inspiring Insta Accounts You Should Be Following: Part One


I spend kind of a ridiculous amount of time on Instagram. I've been tempted to get that app that tells you how much time you spend on your phone but I've been a little too scared to get it because I'm sure I'd be shocked at what I'd find out. The truth is though, I adore instagram for so many reasons. This app has connected me to some incredible women who went from online acquaintances to women who I am so happy to have as good friends in my life. It's also a constant source of inspiration. For fashion, beauty, design and just straight up creative inspo - instagram and pinterest are tied for my resources. I love seeing photos that spark an idea or introduce me to a new brand or shop and it's because of this I thought I'd start a new series of posts sharing some of my favorite instagram accounts. These accounts will range in international accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers to smaller accounts and even a few local accounts because let's be honest, Edmonton has some pretty spectacular people doing some really amazing things. So, without further ado, here's my first roundup of 6 inspiring insta accounts you should be following. 

Life Inspo: Jillian Harris

This first round-up wouldn't be complete without including pretty much my favorite gal to follow on social media, Jillian Harris.  From her photos of the stunning rooms on Love It or List It, her gorgeous outfit photos usually shot in stunning locations and her amazing travel and food shots, I absolutely adore her account. Always major style and design inspo mixed in with cute shots of Nacho and yummy food make her account a major "life inspo" account to follow. Plus, she's a fellow AB girl so I've gotta support! ;) 

Design Inspo: Amber Interiors

Like I mentioned before, it doesn't take long scrolling through this blog to recognize that I'm deep in the throes of an Amber Interiors obsession. All you need to do is scroll through her feed filled with images of her signature laid back and eclectic style to be inspired to want to redecorate pretty much every space in your life! lol

Beauty Inspo: Pura Botanicals

Pura is an Edmonton apothecary that focuses on creating eco-luxe perfumes and beauty products. Her space is absolutely stunning, her products are luxurious and Lane (the owner) is just the sweetest. It's no wonder Pura Botanicals was just featured on the Glitter Guide! Follow along for bright and airy photos of her ridiculously beautiful space and her lovely products surrounded by gold, florals and crystals. *swoon*

Food Inspo: Nutrition Stripped

The struggle is always oh so real for me when it comes to food (AKA I'm always hungry! lol) so I loved stumbling upon Nutrition Stripped's account which is full of bright, colorful and healthy food inspo! As I mentioned that I've been working towards a plant based diet her feed is exactly the inspiration I need at times when I get into one of those "what the heck do I make for lunch" modes. Warning: this feed will cause hunger and green juice cravings.

Creative Inspo: Nectar and Stone

Can we just take a minute and discuss how ridiculous Nectar and Stone's account is? This feed is pretty much my dream filled with pretty pastels, a TON of pink, so many sweet treats and always lots of flowers and other pretty things to oooh and aaaahh over. If you're looking for a pretty online escape, this feed is it!

Travel Inspo: Shay Merritt

It seemed fitting to include Shay Merrit in today's roundup seeing as she's Jillian Harris' right hand gal. Naturally when your job is to travel around with your bestie and help her run her empire that means you're going to get to travel to some pretty sweet places and of course her photography (and captions) are always totally on point. Just scrolling through her feed you'll get shots of snowy mountains, pretty palm trees, the bustling streets of NYC and sandy beaches. Be warned: this feed will give you pangs for a vacay but it's totally worth it.