Exciting News!!

Hellooooo and happy Monday! Today I'm really excited to finally share a bit of exciting news in my life - James and I bought a house! After over 2 years of condo living together and over 4 years of condo living on my own, a new house is on the horizon. 


As I'm sure you can imagine, from a design perspective I'm pretty much over the moon. A whole new home that's over twice the size of my current condo means that there are all kinds of design plans in the works that I am so excited about. However that being said I will not lie- it has not been all sunshine and roses. We decided now was the time to buy a home for a multitude of reasons but with that decision came a few choices to make. 

I've always loved older homes. The first home I owned was actually a 1960s bungalow that I was slowly renovating and updating and in this next home purchase my ideal was to do something similar. I love the idea of moving into an older home that hasn't been renovated by anyone else. The more retro or as some people call, just straight up ugly the house is- the more I probably love it because I see everything as a design project and look past the current state to see the potential. I've never been one to think that I'd end up in a new home development just because of my love of older homes but despite my original thoughts for our first house, we bought a new home. In a new neighborhood. Where I once swore I'd never live. How's that for a lesson in "never say never"?! I won't bore you all with the reasons for our decision but I will say that despite the fact that I don't have a renovation project to look forward to, I'm really excited to move forward with this new home. 

The most exciting part? We're building! So this means that we get to select everything ourselves which is both exciting and terrifying. It's funny, even with over 8 years of design experience and an education to back it up, I find making selections for myself to be incredibly difficult. Faced with the most high maintenance clients I can make choices confidently and quickly but choosing these selections for my own home has been a prooooooooocesssss. haha Not only because I have grand ideas but want to stick within a reasonable budget but because James has an opinion too! (imagine that- the nerve! lol) James and I are learning that he and I have VERY different ideas on design, where to spend our money and what our home should look like which adds another element of complexity to our decisions but very slowly, we're starting to get there! 

Over the coming weeks and months I'm going to start sharing our home building process, our choices we're making and the fights behind them! lol So far this has been the most challenging design project I've ever worked on (I never would have thought that I'd end up being my most high maintenance client! haha) but in the end, I know it will be worth it when we have a beautiful home that is 100% our own.

Now like I mentioned, James and I have very different design ideas but I've got a pretty clear idea of what I like and some of that inspiration can be seen on my Mi Casa pinterest board. I'll be slowly sharing our design plans for each room and the choices we make but for now, take a look at some of my inspiration images. And for any of you who have built a home (or renovated) with a significant other who has VERY different taste than you, give me some moral support or suggestions in the comments below why don't ya?! Thanks! XO

PS Follow along with the progress & updates!

-Update & Bathroom Inspo

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