Gorgeous Chapel Conversion

Back in the day when I was working for a furniture store and offering design consultations there a couple came in with one of my favorite projects to date that I've been (even a small) part of. They were from outside of the city and they bought an old chapel that they were converting into a house. It was pretty much a designer's dream and while I only helped them select their furnishings, it was such a fun process and the transformation was stunning. When I came across this Chapel Conversion I immediately thought of that couple. (To clarify, this is not that conversion). 

I love that conversions take existing older buildings such as barns, chapels or old commercial buildings and transform them into a modern day home.  The juxtaposition of old vs new and unconventional room layouts require some thinking outside of the box to get the best layout and arrangement of rooms. Quite often you have to deal with existing finishes such as brick or old barn board, and try to match up old finishes like floor or casings with new. Then there's determining the priorities of whether to tackle the inside jobs first, or revamp any exterior issues before getting started. It's definitely a design challenge but one that has great rewards!

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So, for a little inspiration, take a look at this stunning conversion and let me know - would you ever consider revamping an old barn, or church or other unconventional space as a home?

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