Sleep…Who Needs Sleep?!

Take a look at this first photo below, I look pretty darn happy, don't I? By all accounts I should have been a zombie by this part of the day (PS, this was 10:30am) because the night before I'd only had 4 hours of sleep but thanks to Breanne, I wasn't even feeling the effects of my lack of sleep. Let me explain...

You might have seen me post a few pics on IG about a little blogger photo date I had with Aislin, Kristina, & Nicole after Aislin won a contest for herself and three friends to get glammed up by the talented ladies of Sen Studios and then photographed by Katch Studios. Now my girl Aislin is currently going to school in BC so with that in mind and coordinating a lot of busy gal's schedules, we ended up booking our glam photo session for a Sunday morning at 7am. The Sunday that directly followed daylight savings to be exact. AKA, pretty much 6am.

Now, I've been kind of killing it lately in my transition to become a morning person so I wasn't actually too thrown off by the early morning photo call until the night before after having gone to bed at about midnight, I was woken up by the fire alarms going off in my condo building at 3am. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like a flashing strobe light and deafening fog horn sounding alarm to:

a) scare the shit out of you in the middle of the night

 b) make your adrenaline go crazy, and

c) make it kind of impossible to fall back asleep

By the time we were let back into our building and I finally fell asleep, it was less than an hour later when my alarm went off to get up, grab one giant ass cup of coffee and head out the door.

I will say that I was expecting to be a miserable zombie but a morning with the ladies of Sen Studios and the #yegblogpodiumsquad gals pretty much energized me in a way I wouldn't have thought possible after getting next to no sleep. I'll be sharing a whole other post dedicated to this morning of crazy but today is all about my love, Breanne.

Being the absolute doll that she is, Breanne showed up at 10am (so with the time change, 9am) in the blustering rainy/snowy cold (seriously, it was ridiculous- SO freezing!) after she'd been out to celebrate her birthday the night before to take photos of Kristina and I since we were all glammed up.

Breanne = pretty much a rockstar. And obviously, we were having some fun because you can't quite fake this level of happy haha

Thanks Breanne! XO And stay tuned for a later post with more deets from my early morning glam sess with my blogging gals! 

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DETAILS: Shoes // Jeans // Top c/o Paper Crown // Sweater // Watch c/o Wittnauer // Bracelet (similar) // Clutch (similar) // Necklace c/o Dawn & Day Jewelry // Glam Diva Hair and Makeup Amazing-ness (yes, that's a word!) c/o Sen Studios

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