Girl on the Go, Tips and Tricks for the Busy Gal

You might remember a while back I shared two different post about different goals or resolutions I had for this year. One of them was to become a morning person and the other, well - to take more time to slow down, relax and take some me time. I'm happy to report that my transition to a morning person is almost complete. For the most part I hop out of bed between 5:30-6:00 on weekday mornings and have found gaining that extra 1-1.5 hours during the day to be incredibly useful. Now my other goals, those are still a bit of a work in progress but for now I thought I'd share a bit of what seems to be working well for me to make sure I get the most out of my day and little tips and tricks that have helped me make the transition from Mrs. Grumpy in the AM to the 'Good Morning Goddess' I am slowly transitioning into ;)


Evening Wardrobe Selection

Every night before I go to bed I lay out my clothes for the next day. My entire outfit, shoes, accessories and all is set aside, saving me from the 'what am I going to wear' crisis I used to so often have running around like a crazy lady in the mornings!  For a little outfit inspo I love scouring Pinterest or Styled by Marie Claire


Beauty Time Savers

All of the general aesthetic upkeep of a self proclaimed girly girl (that's me!) can take up a lot of time. Hair, nails, a skincare routine and other beauty needs can all be streamlined once you come up with a routine. I find taking an hour once a month to have my nails done with gel polish ends up saving me a ton of time from having to re-paint my chipped nails over and over. Also, perfecting your 'day to day' makeup routine (I keep mine under ten minutes) means that even if you're rushed in the mornings you'll be confident knowing that you can get ready and feel good about yourself for the day without taking up too much time getting ready. 

Hair Time Savers

Without grossing anyone out here - I only wash my hair once a week! Whether you have blonde, blue or any hair color in between, I guarantee cutting back on how much you wash your hair will be a life changer. For myself, my day 1 hair gets a wash, blow dry, Moroccan oil and my full beach wave treatment which lasts up to three days. From the 4th day and onwards I usually rock a high pony, messy bun and then top knot for the next few days until I start all over again. In addition to this being a major time saver, it's way better for your hair too. 

These are just a few of the tips on the clothing and beauty side of things that have made a huge difference for me. Getting my routines together has meant that not only am I waking up earlier and getting more out of my day but I'm actually getting more beauty sleep because I don't go to bed stressing out about things I haven't done. I fall asleep easier, and wake up feeling refreshed, more confident, I notice that I have better posture, am happier and overall, becoming a morning person is kind of the best thing ever! I highly recommend it ;) Do you have any other tips that save you time, making it easier to get up earlier in the mornings? Let me know in the comments below!

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