You guys! I'm SO excited to share today's post because this whole experience was just way too fun. I told you earlier about my early morning glam session after getting no sleep the night before due to a not so fabulous fire alarm/daylight savings combo and well, here are the photos from that fun morning! 

Sen Studios called this photo session the "Tribe" session and that word could not be more accurate. These girls below have quickly become ladies who I love, respect and admire after travelling to blogpodium together. They motivate and inspire me and have been there for me when I've needed to vent or talk about some of my hesitations in this crazy online world. I'm so lucky to have them in my life and this photoshoot was just another amazing experience I'm so glad we were able to share together. 

And now that I got my sappy little rant out of the way can we just talk about what babes my friends are?! I'm kind of obsessed with how these photos turned out but it was pretty funny getting these shots from behind the scenes. You don't quite realize just how close and personal you need to get to achieve these kinds of shots. There was a lot of awkward eye gazing and giggles, near groping incidents and practically spooning that took place to get these photos and the whole process was absolutely hilarious. Kat from Katch Studios was so great at positioning us and telling us what to do so that we didn't look completely awkward. She was a total blast to work with and as you can see below is clearly a fabulous photographer. 

So now that I've rambled on and on why don't you just take a scroll through and check out these photos, huh? Next week I'll be sharing a few more as well as a few behind the scenes looks at our early morning glam session. 

Katch Studios Photography
Sen Studios
Katch Studios
Kat Gill Photography
Sen Studios
Katch studios
Sen Studios

Huge shoutout and mad love to the Sen Studios ladies & Kat for an incredible morning and these gorgeous photos! XOXO