Get the Look: Fresh Dining Nook

If you've been following along with my exciting news, you may have already seen this photo pinned on my 'Mi Casa' pinterest board. It's an image that has stuck with me from the fist time I saw it and I just love the overall feel of this space. 

It's bright, cheery, eclectic, contemporary and feels cozy but not cluttered.  Plus the pops of green are clearly something that's on my radar at the moment so naturally I'm drawn to this space. The mix of fabrics and patterns contrasted with more modern elements make this nook one I'd love to try to recreate in my own home

I know I did another dining nook 'Get the Look' not too long ago, who knows - maybe I'm deep in the throes of a nook obsession and I don't quite realize it yet! haha Either way, take a look at some pieces you could use to recreate this look or take inspiration for your own space.