Adding Style with unique jewelry

Today, I thought I would talk jewelry. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big believer in adding jewelry to outfits, to give them a style boost.  A few well-chosen piecse just helps to give your look that little extra somethin' somethin'. It always amazes me what a cute piece of jewelry teamed with the right outfit can do.


To try to find standout pieces of jewelry and support unique and small businesses one of my favorite places to look is Etsy. I love that you can shop a ton of independent artists and small businesses and there are countless options from a range of styles and price points. What I especially love about Etsy is that most of the items on there are handmade, which means that you can easily find a ton of unique pieces, usually at a really reasonable pricepoint. (Below: Left // Center // Right)

Another business I love to support is the Canadian company, Fifth Avenue Collection. Above I'm wearing their necklace and bracelet. I love to find businesses that share my values and sense of style, then support away!

Another way to find really standout pieces can be to shop antique stores. The pieces that most antique shops sell are unique because they’re no longer sold anywhere else. You can find some great pieces if you know where to look. It’s worth looking online (you can buy vintage on Etsy also!) as well as in local antique shops as you can find some fantastic bargains. In Edmonton you can find great antique shops such as Black Swan, Old Strathcona Antique Mall, and the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall just to name a few!


Lastly, look for pieces with a difference. The best way to find pieces that are unique is to look for designs that stand out. There are companies that offer jewelry designs with a twist, so look out for these. Instead of selling diamond jewelry, some sites sell designs that contain Colombian emeralds or other unique stones that you don't see very often. Or, why not have your jewelry custom made? Do you have an idea in your head of what you want but can’t seem to find that type of piece anywhere? How about having a design custom made for you? Edmonton jewelry company Hunt Amor makes absolutely beautiful custom pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful. 



If you’re a girl who loves to look stylish but have her own unique twist, jewelry that’s different to the norm is a must. Sometimes following the newest trends leaves you looking the same as everyone else. Which is where the need for unique accessories, like jewelry comes in.


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