204 Park House Build Inspo: Going Green

As I continue to pin away madly at my Mi Casa board looking for inspiration for my new home, I notice a trend of bright white spaces with pops of green. Greenery has always been one of my favorite ways to add color to any space.  Whether your design style is traditional, eclectic, modern or country, greenery fits within any design style and really, any budget. In my own home I've got a few real green plants that I struggle to keep alive but I also have several pops of faux greenery that I add in every room to add color and texture. 

In addition to greenery, of which I know there will be lots of in my new home, I'm also loving rooms with dramatic green walls, green furniture and other bolder accents. The color green is usually a great addition to almost any space because it adds a natural and organic feel without being too bold or off putting like some other colors can be (I'm lookin' at you red and orange)!

I tried to convince James of going bold with a few green walls and while that battle has been put on hold until after we move in, for now I'm looking for other inspirational images to give me ideas for how I can incorporate this natural hue into my own home. 

Above: Subtle green artwork pops against white walls but the bold palm leaves are what really make a statement. 

Below: This image stole my heart from the first time I saw it and is partially to blame for my recent emerald green obsession! Below are a few Benjamin Moore hues I love that are very similar to this space. 

Above: Palm print has been a big trend this past year and shows no sign of slowing down. Curtains, cushions or other textiles are an easy way to incorporate this trend in a less permanent way than say wallpapering an entire wall or room. 

Below: I just adore everything about this room. James would probably fight me on this so I doubt our bedroom will end up looking anything like this but if I had my way, this is the direction I'd be going in. 

Above: In a more subtle move, just adding a few accents of green to a space can freshen up the room. I love the velvet texture of these cushions. I have green velvet fabric left over from a drapery design project years ago that I've saved and I hope to make something similar for my new house. 

Below: Left: Unlike the palm print draperies above, this is palm print to the extreme! I'd probably never be brave enough to use a trend in such a bold and permanent way in my own home but I admire the design gusto of this space and just love how fun and tropical this powder room feels! Right- in the total opposite end of the greenery scale, I love how a minimal and simplistic white room is instantly freshened up with just a small injection of green. 

Above: Ugh how amazing is Nina Dobrev's house?! I love everything about this photo and would die to recreate something like this in my future house. It's amazing how impactful a few plants can be against white walls. 

Below: While this photo isn't necessarily my style, I love how one feature wall in a warm green instantly cozies up this eclectic room. 

All three of these photos (both above and below) just reinforce my love for bright white spaces with pops of natural greenery. There will be LOTS of this thing going on in my future home so I'm definitely going to need to work on my green thumb! haha

I'd love to hear, what color are you obsessing over right now? How do you incorporate bold colors into your home?