204 Park House Build: The Dining Room

I'm going to start this post off by saying it's probably a bit presumptuous of me to post this 'dining room plan' when not 100% of this is finalized with James and I.  However, I'm going to be cautiously optimistic and hope that by posting this, James will agree with me on the final details we haven't finished yet :D

The dining room is one of the areas I'm most excited about in our new home. Our main floor is open concept with the kitchen, living room and dining room all visible from one another. With white walls and white and walnut finishes I wanted to add a little bit of drama. 

In a moment of weakness, James agreed to let me wallpaper the back wall of our home in our dining room. I've loved this Ellie Cashman dark floral wallpaper ever since I first laid eyes on it and I've been dreaming and scheming of where I could possibly use it ever since. It's a little on the $$ side so time will tell if we go with this paper but I'm hoping James doesn't change his mind on allowing me to do some sort of wallpaper. It's my plan to have one feature wall in this (or a similar dramatic) paper to make a bold statement that you'll see as soon as you walk in the door. On the adjacent wall, to tie in the black, I'd love to hang a vintage inspired letter board to write hilarious messages and have a constantly changing piece of art. Our brass fixture in the dining room and pops of brass in the kitchen fixtures will keep things warm and luxe as will accents in pops of gold, marble and maybe even some crystals if James lets me ;)

To ground the room and bring a more natural element into the space I'd like to incorporate a more neutral rug (although truthfully, area rugs in a dining room make me a little nervous so jury's still out on this one) and a natural basket and place a plant inside.  My mom also got us these cute Umbra plant holders that I'll incorporate somewhere in the dining area for a bit of greenery as well. 

One of the dream pieces of furniture I've always wanted is a Saarinen table so James and I bit the bullet and invested in this one from Rove Concepts. It's a classic design and style I've always loved and I know it's going to  be great in our space paired with the more affordable Eiffel chairs from Structube

So this is the plan for now, you'll have to stay tuned to see what actually happens haha and in the meantime, catch up on the other 204 Park House Build posts:


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