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Let's talk about something that I know many of us can get overwhelmed for denim.  Shopping for jeans has never been my favourite; it can take a long time to find the perfect pair that has the right cut and fit, the right length, wash or styling that suits your style and of course your budget. Finding the perfect pair can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in the haystack! So, when Mark's reached out to me to ask about partnering for a post about denim, I was excited to see what they had to offer!

Truth be told I'd never shopped for jeans from Mark's before so I was excited to get to shopping. When I popped into the store I was impressed to see tons of denim options with brands like Levi's, Silver, Guess and more. There were jeans to suit every style. I tried on cute pastel pink jeans (so great for summer), classic black stretchy skinny jeans (my go-to like 80% of the time! haha), distressed boyfriend jeans (so great for the cute but casual look) and a great everyday pair of skinnies (classic and goes with everything). It was hard for me to choose which pair I loved best (which isn't usually my problem when shopping for jeans! lol)  but the pair I ended up taking with me were these ankle length stretchy Levi's skinnies. They're so stretchy and super comfortable (which is a must) not to mention they're totally versatile which is incredibly important for me.

On any given day I could be running from a photoshoot, client meeting, design or construction site visit or spending the day sourcing or shopping so I need to make sure that my clothes are durable, comfortable and versatile. I love denim because you can dress it up for meetings, keep it casual for running errands or site visits and of course, style it with tons of personality which is perfect for photos or date night! Plus, I love that this pair is ankle length which is perfect for spring! 

Most days I usually wear a great pair of denim and a simple top that I then pair with a jacket and accessories best suited for what I'm up to for the day. As the temperatures continue to rise, this is a look that I'll probably be rocking on the regular but because this girl is craving the summer and sunshine but living in a world covered in snow, I decided to grab Tracey and go escape into the Muttart to snap these photos. Here I could happily wear my ankle length jeans without worrying if my booties would cover me from the snow... bring on the slides!! haha Who else is SO ready for spring?! 

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