Minimalist Man Cave

As we get closer and closer to the warm days of summer, I'm working hard trying to get our home ready for the long hot days and nights ahead of us. Unfortunately our home does not have air conditioning which means that in the summer our basement is our refuge! Now admittedly, our basement can be a bit of a free for all room where things get stashed, boxes get stored and clutter can tend to overflow but after James and I finished a HUGE de-cluttering spree a few weeks back, we were able to work through most of the clutter that had been accumulating in this space that can get a bit neglected over the winter months and now, we're ready to spend lots of time in this cozy room! 

I think I've mentioned before that the basement is mainly James' zone. It's where we have a large modern sectional for lounging and relaxing, and it's a space that James wanted to have more of a say in the decor and styling choices. James is much more modern and minimalist than I am but decorating this room was actually a pretty easy task for us considering how much of a battle at times decorating the rest of the house was! haha

Last year we eyed up the Zeke sectional from the Brick and we were both immediately sold! It's a great large modern sectional that's perfect for the two of us (plus Herman of course!) to lounge on and watch movies and hang out comfortably. This modern piece was the starting point for this space. From there we were both drawn to the Arlo bench for it's warm wood accent and mid-century modern lines (SO good!).

Because the sectional is a large piece and leans to the cooler side with the grey fabric we wanted to take a cue from the Arlo bench and bring in some warmth to contrast the cooler pieces. I'm all for a good display piece and the Soft Modern Console Table from the Brick was exactly what we were looking for. Mid-century modern lines? Check! Great display space for accessories? Yup! Storage? You betcha! For us this piece was the perfect form meets function and for James, he likes that the clean lines and simple styling aren't too overdone for his more minimalist taste. 

Also, it's worth mentioning that everything except for the leaning photo and the books on the bookshelf is from The Brick! You should all know by now that whenever I'm on the hunt for unique accessories that The Brick is my first stop. While you can't view the accessories online, every store has a slightly different variety of accessories to choose from and they get new pieces in all the time! In this room alone I was able to grab all of the cushions for the sectional and bench (remember this striped tassel cushion DIY?), a huge abstract canvas to go on the wall next to the desk, faux greenery (including the faux fig bush!) and tons of great accents and accessories. Oh, and what have probably become my favourite lamps in our entire house - seriously, I could put these lamps in almost every room of our house, I love them! 

Lastly, we wanted to create a little nook for James where he can get away from the rest of the distractions in our house and have a quite workspace for when he needs to work from home. We both fell IN LOVE with the Wilson Desk from The Brick. It's another piece that has great mid-century modern lines and it pairs perfectly with our Wilson coffee table (remember how I styled this piece 3 ways before we moved it downstairs?). James loves these pieces because they're minimalist and modern and work so well with the rest of the pieces in our space!

I'm so glad that for the first time since we've moved in, that this room is finally fully complete! It takes time to find pieces you love and pull together a room that you want to spend time in and now this cool basement sanctuary of ours is ready for the hot summer days ahead! 

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