Grey Striped Cushion With Tassels DIY

grey tassel cushion DIY

Hey friends and happy wednesday! I just realized that today we're back to back DIYs here on the blog! What can I say, I get crafty in waves haha But in all seriousness, I'm SO happy with how today's DIY turned out, I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Before we get into today's post too far we should have a conversation. I, Diana, am a cushion hoarder. Yup, it's true. I come by it honestly (thanks, mom! haha) but I love switching out my textiles and cushions seasonally and for a fresh look without breaking the bank. 

That being said, cushions can get quite pricey. You can easily drop $80-$200 on a single cushion which can get to be a bit much when you're an avid cushion-switcher-upper like I am. And yes, that's the technical term ;)

A few weeks ago when I was shopping for accessories at The Brick I came across a pile of cushions in almost every color and my heart began to race! I grabbed two gorgeous grey cushions in a fabulous luxe fabric and I couldn't wait to get them home. I had plans for these simple cushions....

The Brick has a ton of affordable accent cushions (check some of them out here online but there's way more in store!) and I've been itching to try my hand at a cushion DIY so this was a match made in heaven! With two simple grey cushions and a few other affordable supplies I made these gorgeous accent cushions for a fraction of the cost! 

Here's what you'll need to take your cushion from this to this...

grey striped cushion DIY - BEFORE
grey striped cushion with tassels - DIY

Cushions of your choice // White Paint Marker (find at your local craft store) // Cotton Yarn in color of choice - I bought an 80 yard roll and had extra left // Needle and Thread // Cardboard // Masking or Painter's Tape 

grey striped cushion with tassels
grey tassel cushion DIY

Begin by removing the insert from the cushion cover. Place cardboard inside the cushion cover so that the paint doesn't seep through to the other side.

Determine your pattern and use tape as your guide. I wanted to keep mine pretty simple and modern so I eyeballed my tape lines to make 4 simple lines running horizontally. Once I did the first one I used it as a guide for my second (photo below)

Follow the instructions on your tape pen but my tips are: 

Shake the pen before each new line

Run the line all the way across in one movement - don't worry if it starts to fade as you move along. Shake when you get to the end and flip the cushion then go over the line again from the other side. Repeat 2-3 times until you feel the paint is bold enough

Remove tape and allow to dry overnight. While that's happening, make the tassels...

grey striped tassel cushion DIY
grey striped cushion DIY
grey striped cushion DIY

Yarn tassels are SO simple to make. I use this tutorial as my guide and with my 80 yard ball of yarn I was able to make 8 tassels with extra using a 3" piece of cardboard, wrapping the yarn 50 times. Check out this tutorial for simple yarn tassels

Once you've made your tassels and the fabric paint has dried, it's time to bust out that needle and thread and adhere the tassels to the cushion corners. 

Give the tassels 2-3 loops with the needle and thread to make sure you're secure then you can put the inserts back into the cushions and you're done! 

grey striped cushion with tassels - DIY
grey striped cushion DIY - with tassels

I am SO happy with how these modern and minimalist cushions came out. The cushions were super affordable and the paint pen and yarn cost less than $10 to pick up making these cushions way more cost effective than ordering them like this online.

What do you think of this DIY?

Room Details: Cushions - The Brick // Brass Side Table // Black Wooden Basket

grey striped cushion with tassels DIY
grey striped cushion with tassels - DIY