Copper Floral Centerpiece DIY

Today I'm sharing the simple but oh-so-stylish copper and floral centrepiece from last week's fall table setting with The Brick. When I first got to work putting together ideas for this table setting I knew that I wanted to have touches of copper to compliment the pink and warm up the turquoise accents in the setting. 

copper floral centerpiece DIY

I had champagne dreams on a beer budget so I got to work sourcing materials to put together a statement making centrepiece DIY. When I was at IKEA I saw the Blanda Blank serving bowls and inspiration struck! Buying two sizes (one small and one larger) I thought these would be perfect to stack on top of one another bottom to bottom and create a large vase for florals.

Now silver wasn't really my vibe so to start I began by spraying the bowls with a copper spray paint (I used this one and I love the color!) and allowed them to dry overnight. TIP: For even and smooth coverage spray from afar and keep your layers light. Allow to dry fully between coats. It's better to have to do 4-6 light coats than 2-3 heavier coats!

copper floral centerpiece DIY

Once the bowls dried I used hot glue to affix the top to the bottom. A trip to my local craft store was all I needed to find a half round flower foam and a few faux flowers. The key to this DIY being affordable is the mix of both real and faux flowers.

I'd suggest purchasing about 2-3 very large faux flowers and 6-8 medium sized faux flowers (I bought 4 stems of two different types of medium flowers). You can find faux flowers at your local craft store, online, at IKEA and even the dollar store so you should be able to pick these up without breaking the bank. 

copper floral centerpiece DIY
copper and floral centerpiece DIY
DIY floral arrangement

Once you have the other supplies you'll want to grab a few real flowers and greenery. Mixing the real in with the faux draws attention away from the fake ones and actually makes them look more realistic. For this arrangement to keep things budget friendly I actually purchased my flowers from the grocery store! I bought 4 bunches of budget flowers - two bunches of greenery, and two bunches of affordable flowers. 

Begin with the fake flowers and place the largest ones in first. Once the 3 large flowers are in place, start spacing out the medium sized flowers. Next up - greenery and the real flowers to fill in the holes. It might take a bit of trial and error to find out the best spots to place the flowers but thankfully it's very simple to adjust the flowers with the flower foam holding them in place.

Have some fun with this arrangement and when you're done, you'll be left with a showstopping centrepiece that is far more affordable than it would be purchasing a large floral centrepiece from your favourite florist! 

What do you think of this DIY?

copper floral centerpiece DIY
DIY floral arrangement
floral centerpiece DIY
diy floral arrangement
DIY flower centerpiece copper