Black, White + Walnut: Our Dining Room Refresh with the Article Zola Dining Chair

Today I am SO pumped to share a look at our recently revamped dining room and a review of our latest additions to this space- our new Zola dining chairs from Article!

Over the years we’ve been slowly tweaking and changing the spaces in our home to reflect James’ and my combined styles and this is a process that has not been easy! lol When we moved in we wanted to get things together quickly but in the process and due to some compromises and budget restrictions it’s taken us awhile to get to a place where we’re truly LOVING how our home is feeling. This year we decided we would work at finishing our spaces that were ‘close but not quite’ right and we wanted to start with our dining room.

Our previous dining chairs were always meant to be temporary and it took us awhile to find our ‘dream’ dining chairs but when I saw theZola dining chair from Article I immediately fell in love! I just love how the warm walnut wood tone contrasts our white table - I’m all about that juxtaposition! The licorice fabric was the obvious choice for our space, with the rich charcoal pairing nicely with our black walls but also, I love that this fabric has a good texture to it that I think will not only wear really well over time but is forgiving too should there be any spills or mishaps (it is a dining chair after all so it’s got to be durable!).

modern black dining room
article zoya dining chair
modern eclectic dining table
article zoya dining chair

I think what I love most about these dining chairs is that there’s a bit of a nod to mid-century modern design in the lines of the chair but the overall look is timeless and modern. The chairs are so much sturdier than our last ones and as soon as they were delivered we were like, why didn’t we get better chairs forever ago! haha As a note these particular chairs are quite firm which I happen to love but I figure is worth noting if you’re used to a cushier parsons style of chair that might have a bit more give. I think that because they are fairly firm that they will also stand up to heavy use better over time (another bonus- nobody likes a saggy droopy chair! lol) I also like that they’re a bit of a larger scale chair so they have a lot more presence and add a really luxe look to our space that I love! James and I have already noticed that we sit at our table way more now that we have these chairs and even though they are a larger scale chair, we’ve found them to be totally comfortable if all 6 chairs are occupied at the table, the only change we had to make was to get a larger area rug for under the table and pull them out a bit further to accommodate for their larger scale.

Any time I’ve talked about Article before (and especially with my interior design clients) there are always a few questions that pop up that I thought I’d address the two questions I get asked most often right out of the gate. As Article doesn’t have a showroom (that’s how the pricing is so affordable!) I know there can be lots of questions but hopefully I’ll answer a few of them here! (And if not, Article has the best FAQ page with so much info!)

Quality: The biggest question that usually pops up when I talk about Article is about the quality. Because you can’t go visit a showroom to see the pieces in person I know there’s sometimes a bit of hesitation but let me tell you - over the past few years I’ve seen SO many of the Article pieces in person because we spec them all the time for our design projects and I’ve never been disappointed. With the Zola chairs, they’re so solid and sturdy - I’m totally impressed.  Like I mentioned, the fabric on these chairs has a great texture and seems very durable and I love the wood grain. Also, what’s great about Article is that they have the best customer service. If you have any questions about the durability, quality, practicality for kids/pets (they have a section about dogs/cats on their website!) or want to see a fabric sample, etc - they have so much info on their FAQ page and you can always email them - their customer support team is amazing. (I’m speaking from years of experience emailing them with questions for clients)

Delivery: Next up I thought I’d review the delivery process. I don’t know about you but I find that a lot of companies aren’t the best at communicating delivery for larger furniture pieces. I knew from past experience that Article is great at communicating about delivery and this time they did not disappoint. I was called and emailed with updates and they even accommodated an appointment I had on my delivery day which I super appreciated. My chairs were delivered into my home, right to my table and all of the packaging was already moved so there was no cardboard to clean up which was SO convenient! You canread more about Article’s delivery here but basically - they’re doing delivery right! haha

article zoya dining chair
white dining table with walnut chairs
modern eclectic dining room

I really feel like these chairs have added so much to our little dining nook! As soon as we got them in I was inspired to pull in this area rug, switch up our artwork and I have plans to hopefully update our drapery as well. We also brought our big fig tree in from the living room and swapped it out with the smaller plant that was there before. I’m hoping he (I named our fig tree Gerard lol) likes it in this corner because I love the pop of green and the large scale - I think it’s all working really well in here right now!

What do you think of our little dining room refresh? It’s amazing the difference a few small changes can make!

I also want to share a huge thank you toArticlefor gifting us with the Zola dining chairs! I’ve been a customer (for so many design clients) and fan of Article for years so it’s very exciting for me to be able to partner with a brand I love so much in my own home! Let me know if you have any questions about our space or about Article in general (I’ve legit probably seen more than half of their available furniture in person lol)!

fig tree in dining room
white dining table walnut chairs
article zoya dining chair
modern black dining room with walnut chairs
white dining table with walnut dining chairs