Planning with Design in Mind: My Kitchen with Samsung Appliances

When I look back as James and I come up to 3 years in our home, there has been a lot that we’ve changed in our short time here. We’ve swapped out artwork (over and over and over again! haha), we’ve painted feature walls and we’ve changed up furniture so many times I’ve lost count! We learned a lot building a home together and there are definitely a few things I’d do differently next time but there are also choices we made nearly 4 years ago that I’m still so in love with and in our kitchen, our Samsung appliances are definitely one of them!

In our open concept main floor the kitchen really is at the heart of our space and as such, from both a design and functionality perspective, we wanted to make sure that we spent our money wisely and made choices that would last long term. The kitchen took up the most time in our home building process and I’m glad we spent the time doing our research to select appliances and finishes we love.


I won’t lie - James and I clashed a fair amount when it came to planning this space, we both had VERY different ideas of what our ‘dream kitchen’ would look like so while there was quite a bit of compromising from the finishes perspective one thing we did agree upon was the importance of choosing appliances that looked sleek and modern but would also stand up to the wear and tear we put our kitchen through; which is how we came to select our Samsung kitchen appliances.

It’s funny, because with as much as I go on about how ‘I hate cooking’, I am constantly cooking in our kitchen! James and I try to cook most of our meals at home (or as many as we can!), so our appliances definitely get put to the test every single day. As James is the better chef in our household, he was the one who took on the duty of researching appliances before we built and he definitely took the role seriously. He spent hours (not kidding you guys) researching appliances and in the end, we decided to put Samsung appliances throughout our entire home.

image-77 copy.jpg

So let’s talk about the design reasons why I love our appliances, shall we?…

I love how sleek and minimalist our dishwasher is. With our feature walnut island and waterfall countertop on the island, I didn’t want any dishwasher with a protruding handle or visible buttons on the front to detract from those design features.


With our fridge, microwave/hood fan and stove all being in one sightline, it was important to find pieces that were sleek and modern to go with our minimalist kitchen aesthetic. We chose our over the range microwave and hood fan to be in the same series as our fridge and range for visual consistency and I love the big door design for a more modern look.

image-75 copy.jpg

I’ve always wanted a fridge with french doors so I love ours plus, it was important to me to that the ice and water filter are inside, so rather than looking at a ‘busy’ looking fridge, all you see are the sleek door panels but you still have the functionality of the water inside!

image-73 copy.jpg

In our kitchen I love the subtle texture in our backsplash so I wanted to find a range that was minimalist with clean lines that wouldn’t distract from our backsplash so our slide in dual convection range was definitely a winner. So sleek, looks super high end (those knobs though!) and fits right into our kitchen perfectly!


There are so many choices to consider when you’re building a new home or renovating your kitchen but your appliances should definitely be at the top of your list when you’re beginning your process. After all, we plan our entire kitchens around them!

A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this blog post. James and I purchased our Samsung appliances when we built our home and we absolutely love them! Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog, without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love!