Cozy Knit Love

While November and December are all about getting out, keeping busy and seeing friends and family for me, January is basically all about staying in and keeping cozy. I tend to become a bit of a hermit come January and truth be told I’m not even mad about it! I really enjoy staying in, binge-ing my favourite Netflix shows and when I do socialize, rather than going out I tend to have people over. When I think of keeping cozy I immediately think of cuddling up with a warm blanket and a chunky knit sweater.

I gave this Gentle Fawn sweater a bit of love before the holidays in my last Park Picks post of the year but today I thought it deserved an extra shout out! I’ve been a fan and customer of Canadian clothing brand Gentle Fawn for years. I love their trendy casual pieces like this Lorne sweater that I’ve been wearing a ton this season already. Other faves include the Renfrew sweater (how beautiful is that ginger color?!) and I’ve got my eye on the perfect ‘everyday sweater’ - the Crofton too!

I’ve linked a few other cozy knits I love below in case you too like to lay low, stay warm and cuddle up in a good knit like I do during January!

gentle fawn cozy knit