Park Picks 01.11.19

Well hello there, welcome to the first Park Picks of 2019! It’s been a nice break over the past few weeks but I’m back and I’m ready to share my random favourites again! haha I’ve had a long list piling up so today I’ve got some good ones!

David’s Tea - Forever Nuts

If cutting back on your coffee/caffeine consumption is one of your goals for the new year then I’d highly suggest trying this tea. I feel a bit silly sitting here trying to figure out how to accurately sing the praises of this tea but let me tell you - this $#!t is delicious. I am a coffee fiend and am not one to happily swap out my afternoon pick me up for a decaffeinated option but let me tell you guys I am obsessed with this tea. This tea is a little bit sweet and totally tasty - trust me and try some, you can thank me later! ;)

david's tea forever nuts

Shameless Self Promotion: The Updated Kresswell Interiors Site

Now I might be a bit biased here but hey, if you can’t use your blog to promote your other business then what are you doing, right?! haha Earlier this week Kristina and I shared a new project reveal and a website update for our interior design business, Kresswell Interiors. If you haven’t had a chance yet, head on over and take a peek! #TheDuchessOnTheDrive is our new reveal and I’m so obsessed with how the kitchen, washroom and laundry room renovation turned out!

edmonton interior designer

The Funniest Instagram Stories: @sionnach_dalur_house

Kristina told me about this account a few weeks ago and I have been busting a gut ever since. Not only is Ruthie’s home gorgeous, she is freaking hilarious! Both on her IG photos but especially her stories, she has me cracking up. Trust me, this is an account you want to follow!

eclectic interior design

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NITK Cranberry Detox Smoothie

After all of the dinners out and less than healthy food and drinks consumed over the past few weeks I’ve been craving some fruit and vegetables so I’ve been back on the smoothie train. This smoothie that’s over on my friend Christal’s site is a delicious detoxifying smoothie that tastes like the holidays. So basically if you’re still feeling festive (or just like cranberries like me!) and want to get some nutrients in your life - check out the recipe and give it a try. I’ve made it 3 times now and I love it! My only twist - I add a scoop of my unflavoured protein powder to keep me full for longer!

cranberry smoothie